Thursday, July 07, 2005

Celebrating a new look

Got this from Pocket PC Thoughts.

"'I'm pleased to announce after several months of work, we have released our new website. We commissioned Fabrizio Fiandanese, who created the new design for Pocket PC Thoughts, to design a new and innovative look for us while incorporating some very important changes. One of the most important changes was to display our products based on the unit that the customer has. With over 47 manufacturers and several hundred devices that we support, it was not an easy task. There is nothing more confusing than to see a product you want, click on it, to find that it is not compatible with your unit. The second most important change was to get rid of our extremely long and convoluted menu system and design a new click-thru interface. My partner, Mack Baggette, spent over 500 hours building a complete Content Management System for our site to manage the new website templates. We have also streamlined the ordering process for our international clients. They are now given a choice to visit a local reseller instead of purchasing through us. By doing this, they will save time and money on customs fees and shipping cost.

With the announcement of our new site, we are partnering with to provide a 15% discount on accessories and 10% discount on repairs and upgrades for the month of July. The discount code will expire August 1, 2005. Please enter the discount code 'PPCTHTS0705' in the Comments field. The discount will not appear on the web-order form, but will be applied when we invoice the order.'"

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Not just an address book

PDA's are not just for holding your contact info, but you knew that already right? What else can you do then. Email, mp3 player and with todays high capacity flash memory - watching DVDs. There are a handful of applications out there that will take a DVD and convert it to a format and size that will allow you to watch it on your PPC. One of those apps is Pocket DVD Wizard by Coding Workshop Limited. As with most PPC apps you can pick up a copy at Pocket Gear. But I wanted to point you to Pocket PC Thoughts today to get the low down on Pocket DVD Wizard. Go check out their review.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Memory Loss

A PPC is somewhat like a destop pc in that if you are multi-tasking many programs at once, you're pc will bog down due to heavy memory usage. Close down those programs you are not using and you should get some zip back into your pc. The same goes for the PPC. For some odd reason, the PPC is set up so when you tap the close 'x' icon on programs you really aren't closing the program but just 'minimizing' it. Bottom line is that it is still running in the background and using up valuable memory. What to do?

Well you could go the long route and hit Start -> Settings -> System - > Memory and actually close running programs from there. I like the easy way. But it does cost some money. I use Pocket Plus and one of the many features is turning that fake 'x' into a real one. You can actually close the program when you hit it. You may remember I mentioned this program in an earlier post. I really must say that this is a must have program. If you want to take a look at it then go to Pocket Plus at and check it out. You'll wonder how you lived without it.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

PDA Backgrounds

On your desktop you normally have a picture or something that serves as the background to you desktop space. On a PPC you have the same thing called the Today screen which serves to show you important info such as upcoming appointments, the owner's information, and other misc. information. It can be quite dull if you don't add some pizzaz to it. Windows mobile gives you an easy way to do this by giving you the choice to use an existing picture as the backdrop to your today screen but there are other alternatives some free and some not.

The website PDA and Mobile Today has put together a collection of some pretty nifty today screens. Check it out at PDA and Mobile Today.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Very interesting patent from Samsung

This is very interesting for all you SMS'rs. Ever had a night on the town and had a little too much fun and decided to send a SMS message to someone and fully regretted it right after hitting that send button. Well Samsung may be coming to your rescue. They have recently filed a patent that will essentially delete a sent message off of the receivers phone.

However, contrary to the hopes of the sender, if that person you sent the message to has already read the message, you can't delete the memory of the person who read the message.

Read the whole patent here if you want to.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

If you are into listening to podcasts then go and read this article I found at Pocket PC Thoughts' website. It's all about an application called Smartfeed.

This is from Smartfeeds website:

"Smartfeed is the first Podcast Receiver, or "Podcatcher", to bring podcasting to both the Smartphone and PocketPC leveraging the same underlying .NET Compact Framework managed assembly!

You are no longer tied down by cables. Use your mobile devices existing wireless or Bluetooth capabilities to find and download podcasts while you’re sitting in a café or waiting to board your plane. Join the revolution and take podcasting to the next level."

Check out the article at Pocket PC Thoughts.
Pocket PC Thoughts - Daily News, Views, Rants and Raves

Smartfeed can be found here: Smartfeed

Friday, June 17, 2005

Your PPC and Google

Like me I'm sure most of you use Google on your desktop to search the internet for whatever you may be looking for, reviews on PPCs, free software or whatever. If you are set up on your PPC to connect to the internet you probably use Google there also. Google's main search page is a simple page which makes it easy to load on slow connections but when trying to open up some of the search results that's a different story. The majority of web sites are not mobile friendly and will take forever to download onto your PPC (assuming you are using GSM or dialup and not wi-fi).

Well, Google comes to the rescue again with it's beta version of Mobile Web (an add-on to Google Mobile). Using XHTML, users of Mobile Web are pointed to search results that are specifically set up for mobile use. If you want to use it, just point your browser to